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SmartQuote is a specialized online platform that provides users with quick and easy access to manufacturing services for prototyping and low volume production.

  • PolyJet, FDM, SLS, SLA
    (Access to 50+ 3D Printing Material Options By Request)
  • CNC Machining & Urethane Casting
  • Live Chat with Specialist
  • Expedited Lead-Times
    (Same-Day & Next-Day Options)
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​Stratasys 3D Printer Sales + 3D Printing Production Centers + Prototyping & Low Volume Production + Additive & Advanced Manufacturing
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FDM: ABS & PC Plastics
Durable & Production Grade
8 Thermoplastic Materials

Current Lead-Time //
3-4 Business Days
PolyJet: Rigid or Rubber-Like
Fine Details & Smooth Surfaces
20 Rigid & Rubber-Like Polymers

Current Lead-Time //
2-3 Business Days
SLS: Nylon PA2200
Strong & Complex Geometries
Prototypes or Production Parts

Current Lead-Time //
2-4 Business Days

Click-to-Print in Three Easy Steps

FATHOM utilizes the most advanced technologies and materials to help companies innovate new products faster and more efficiently. Create an account or log in using username and password:


  1. Upload CAD files then choose technology and material type

  2. Review pricing and lead-time options

  3. Choose shipping, enter billing information, and place order …sit back and relax. The FATHOM team is on it!

Featured Q&A // Recent SmartQuote Updates Announced

Since 2014, SmartQuote has been FATHOM’s online digital manufacturing portal for quick and easy access to prototyping and low-volume production services. Recent updates further extend the user experience to include more of FATHOM’s additive technologies and foundational methods, as well as increased user functionality.

In this featured blog post, learn more about recent platform updates, who is getting the most out of SmartQuote, and the benefits of joining the community.